Our 2025 sustainability goals

As one of four entities of RPM International Inc. Tremco CPG Europe (Tremco Construction Products Group Europe) is contributing to RPM’s sustainability approach – Building a Better World. This program has a three-pillar approach consisting of Our Products, Our Processes and Our People.

2025 Sustainability Goals*

  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions from our facilities by 20% per ton of production.
  • Reduce energy consumed in our facilities by 10%.
  • Reduce waste-to-landfill from our facilities by 10%.
  • Increase recycling at our facilities by 20%.
  • Identify and implement additional opportunities for water reuse and conservation and collaborate with suppliers to do the same. 

*2021 as baseline

What are Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions?

Scope 1 emissions are a measurement of the emissions from fuel we consume onsite in our company facilities and Scope 2 are a measurement of the electricity, steam, heating or cooling we purchase from utility companies.

Scope 1, or direct, emissions come from fuel combustion, such as burning natural gas for our boilers and furnaces and from company-owned vehicles (trucks, vehicles, forklifts, etc). Scope 1 emissions are released into the atmosphere as a direct result of our activities.

Scope 2 are emissions we cause indirectly when we purchase electricity, such as when a plant uses electricity purchased from a nearby power plant to power its production line.