Our People

Our daily success as a company depends on having a diverse, enriched and engaged team – they are the foundation of our success. Our associates find motivation in our core values of honesty and integrity and respect. 

Building a Better World depends on people who find purpose in their work. It’s a long-standing mindset and essential component of the entrepreneurial spirit that many of our Tremco CPG Europe associates embody. It drives us to do the right thing for each other, for our customers and for the future of our planet.

We recognise that our workforce is rapidly changing, becoming more diverse, and we are continually adapting to what current and new associates value. We develop policies and programs to attract and retain the best workforce and we strive to provide overall wellbeing, including safe and pleasant working conditions through our health and safety training and management, benefits and educational programming.

Diversity & inclusion

One of our values ​​here at Tremco CPG Europe is "respect", which is closely linked to inclusion. At Tremco CPG Europe, inclusion means treating people well and with respect, harnessing the power of diversity of views and opinions (which leads to increased discussion, debate and creativity) and also reflecting communities in which we work. We are a diverse organisation operating in many different countries, with many different cultures, and we need to reflect that diversity through the people we have.

Our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders are diverse businesses and seek to partner with businesses that have the same values ​​and approaches as them. There is no greater sign of respect than accepting people as they are, without demanding compromise or change.

Giving back

Over the past 5 years, the Building a Better World program has donated or pledged nearly $6 million to more than 200 organisations. The contributions in 2021 totalled more than $1,725,000.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our corporate giving program pledged to support partnered non profits at the same monetary level to help our community through these challenging times. At CPG Europe, all of our future employee training initiatives give each partaking employee the option of receiving a small token gift for taking part, or donating a higher value of Euros to sustainable charities.

Other initiatives

  • Volunteering in our local communities
  • Walk/cycle to work days/weeks for charity 
  • Recycling on site
  • Support larger initiatives with time or donations