What sustainability means to us as a company within the construction industry

As a responsible company, Tremco CPG Europe is committed to sustainable development – it makes up one of our key values. To us, being sustainable covers three key pillars. 

Environmental sustainability

Arguably the most well-known pillar, environmental sustainability places emphasis on how businesses can achieve positive economic outcomes without doing any harm, in the short- or long-term, to the environment.

Economic sustainability

Achieving economic growth without engaging in harmful environmental trade-offs. This includes offering sustainable solutions for energy efficient constructions that promote less waste such as modular systems prepared with precision off-site, as well as operating with environmentally friendly vehicles. Examples of this is choosing hybrid and electrical options for company cars across Europe and utilising logistics companies that optimise routes for product and material deliveries.

Social sustainability

To us, this is about identifying and managing positive and negative business impacts on our people. This covers not only Tremco CPG Europe employees, but all our stakeholders and customers.

To ensure that we are meeting our sustainability targets and living our ‘sustainable development’ value, we began our journey with the third party sustainability assessment body, EcoVadis, in 2021.