Environmental Product Declaration

Tremco CPG Europe’s products brands develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in collaboration with FEICA. Covering all our construction markets, from roofing to flooring and windows to walls, the EPDs are used to outline the environmental impacts of products throughout their life cycles. These downloadable EPDs can be used for many different applications including green public procurement (GPP) and sustainability assessment of the products and the projects in which they are used.

What is an EPD? 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are third-party verified and registered documents used to outline the environmental impacts of products. Creating EPDs is a voluntary activity and they can cover the entire life cycle of a product.  

An EPD is produced based on data obtained through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). An LCA is carried out using a peer reviewed Product Category Rules document (PCR) in line with EN 15804 (the European Standard for the generation of EPDs for construction products), ISO 14025 and other related international standards.  

ISO 14025, the applicable standard for EPDs, defines EPDs as ‘Type III Environmental Declarations’. A Type III Environmental Declaration is created and registered within the framework of an EPD program, such as the British Building Research Establishment (BRE) or the German Institut “Bauen und Umwelt” (IBU).  

EPDs from Construction Products Group 

Tremco CPG Europe’s existing EPD reference database is constantly expanding for the products and systems available from each of its seven product brands.

Visit our product brand websites for your free downloadable EPDs or contact us for more details.