Learn Through Lines at the NSBRC

Laura Smith / 08 August 2022

Nudura and Tremco CPG UK, a leading supplier of construction products, has announced the launch of their new and innovative stand at Swindon’s National Self-Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC). The Education House replicates a real life, one-storey building project and offers visitors a unique insight into the vast range of products available from Tremco CPG work.

Each wall of the house demonstrates a specific products area and, along with supporting information, shows how they work seamlessly through every step of the construction process to create the ‘dream’ home.

Step 1: Build It – constructing the exterior walls of your energy efficient home couldn’t be simpler when using Nudura’s Solid Insulated Wall System (ICF). The Education House demonstrates how ICF offers many benefits to both developers and homeowners. The large and lightweight blocks are made of two insulating EPS panels which very quickly and easily stack and interlock, via a raised profile on the edge, to create the walls of the building. Concrete is then poured into a central cavity in the block. Once cured the forms remain in place to create an incredibly strong structure which is designed to last while also achieving superior levels of thermal performance, insulation, and airtightness.

Step 2: Seal It – keeping your new home working efficiently is only possible if it remains airtight. illbruck has designed a range of systems for the optimum sealing of windows, doorways, and facades. The Education House demonstrates how the innovative illbruck i3 system for sealing windows keeps the weather out whilst optimising interior comfort and energy savings. The system incorporates a choice of products that effectively seals the window on three levels; externally to make the building weathertight but vapour permeable, an airtight interior with a thermal and acoustic insulation layer in between.

Step 3: Finish It – Creating the perfect finishing statement on your new home is easy to achieve with Dryvit’s outstanding range of rendering systems which have been developed to work in harmony with Nudura ICF. Together, the two systems provide a strong, quiet, energy-efficient, and beautiful wall, which meets and exceeds current building regulations.

The Education House will feature the full range of Dryvit ICF 500 Standard and Speciality finishes which visitors can see and feel in the interactive zone in the house. Standard finishes include high performance 100% acrylic, silicone, silicate, and mineral based coatings available in a wide variety of textures and colours developed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. While the Speciality finishes offer traditional stone, granite, brickwork, or wood façades that are certain to enhance a building’s stature.

Laura Smith, Tremco CPG Senior Marketing Manager for each of the brands said: “Our Education House really is the perfect hands-on experience for anyone looking to build with Nudura, illbruck, Dryvit and our supporting range of CPG products. You’ll get the perfect chance to see how the products work together and saving you time and money on your project. Throughout the year will be hosting CPD’s and training days at the NSBRC where you can also see demonstrations of the products in action.”

Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) UK covers a wide array of different construction needs and provides a wealth of complex services, support and systems. From a single source we can offer a range of high-performance building materials for your project including fire protection, as well as sealing, bonding, insulation, flooring, waterproofing and roofing solutions.