Collaboration is Key – Explore What it Means to Work With Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions

Ryan Gerrard / 23 May 2023

In the sometimes complex world of modular construction, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, home to seven leading product brands – illbruck, Nullifire, Nudura, Dryvit, Flowcrete, Tremco, and Vandex – knows all too well the importance of collaboration when it comes to finding the right solution for offsite construction projects.

Tremco CPG UK’s team of experts are spearheading the advancement of the offsite construction industry, with dedication to building safety and compliance through technology innovation, customer relationships, training, and technical support. The team strives to collaborate with customers at the earliest opportunity, in order to understand their modular needs, but also takes the time to learn the client’s processes, and subsequently provides tailored solutions that meet the project’s requirements. By doing so, the most appropriate solutions can be specified in the most efficient manner, ensuring structures are safe yet high performing from the offset.

Owing to Tremco CPG’s vast product portfolio, the Offsite Solutions team are well equipped to supply customers with a whole host of solutions. From glazing and facades, facades insulation, and sealing materials, to passive fire protection, performance resin flooring, waterproofing, and roofing – clients of CPG receive market-leading solutions that suit almost all applications, from one single manufacturing source.

With innovation comes the need for consistent reevaluation and improvement - something Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions is no stranger to. Through regular interaction with customers, the team are, therefore, able to collate feedback on the products installed, enabling further technological development and bringing added value to the solutions. Tremco CPG UK is proud of its rigorous trialling and testing process, which has ultimately led to a number of products receiving third-party accreditation from various leading, professional industry bodies.

Supported by a large and experienced technical team, who between them share a wealth of industry knowledge, work closely with the Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions team to ensure customers receive the help and assistance they need. From onsite support and surveys, to calculations and advice tools, Tremco CPG’s technical experts provide support from the design stage right through to construction, and thereafter.

Paul Wright, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions’ National Sales Manager, said: “As experts in the modular manufacturing field, collaborating with our customers is crucial to ensuring safety at every stage of the project. Since each modular installation differs so greatly, it is important for us to sit down with the client early on to ensure mutual understanding of the project’s requirements, how building regulations and design challenges may have an impact, and that any concerns are heard and rectified.

“Building safety is paramount to us as modular manufacturers. We understand the need for compliant and reliable products that meet the stringent challenges of today’s rapidly evolving offsite construction processes. Therefore, we are able to offer tailored solutions that comply with current building standards for a variety of application areas, including solutions for module joints, internal and external walls, park and leisure environments, bathroom pods and fit outs, as well as our brand new “Safe Zone” for fire protection.

The FZ100 Fire “Safe Zone” is a ground-breaking, third party certified fire protection solution, developed by Tremco CPG UK family member, Nullifire. Designed specifically to meet the unique demands of the offsite construction sector, this revolutionary technology has been engineered to provide best-in-class fire stopping capabilities to existing and future service penetrations. FZ100 has been brought to market on Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions’ premise of putting safety first - ensuring the wellbeing of all those who come into contact with buildings.”

For more information about the comprehensive range of technologies available through Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, please get in touch today.