Tremco CPG UK’s comprehensive learning journey ensures the complete building envelope is covered

Laura Smith / 06 October 2022

Architects and specifiers can look to CPG UK for a comprehensive learning journey that covers the complete building envelope.                                                                                                

Tremco CPG UK’s portfolio of brands, which include Flowcrete, illbruck, Dryvit and Nullifire, as well as Nudura and TREMCO, offer a single-source approach for specification projects.

Together they have been built-up over multiple decades within very specialised fields, covering insulation, flooring, roofing sealing and bonding, as well as fire protection.

Popular training options from Tremco CPG UK include Flowcrete’s CPDs on how to avoid screed failures, as well as an overview on seamless resin terrazzo.

Flowcrete has been trusted by architects for 40 years and its flooring experts are well-placed to explore key issues through these training programmes.

Another Tremco CPG UK brand, illbruck, is at the forefront of the ‘fabric first’ approach, with its lock tight sealing and bonding solutions helping to achieve long-term energy efficiency from the outset for projects.

Illbruck’s products form the perfect fit for this method of building design, offering exceptional compliance, sustainability, and energy efficiencies for windows, façades, interiors and exteriors. Its CPD programme includes information on the detailing of interfaces on windows and facades, and differential movement in timber frame construction.

Tremco CPG UK’s high performance, external wall insulation systems have been trusted since 1969 under the Dryvit brand, setting the pace in the industry and blending exceptional aesthetics with outstanding performance.

Comprising of an insulation core and outer weather-proof layers, the systems are designed to help buildings stay warm in winter and cool in summer and a CPD programme is in place to give architects the inside track on this sustainable, high performance approach.

Finally, where fire safety counts, Nullifire offers universally renowned passive fire protection solutions, which come with the Optifire and Optifire+ tracing technology for complete peace of mind. 

Nullifire’s CPD programme includes an overview of specifying intumescent fire protection for structural steel, as well as a guide to achieving compliant fire stopping.

John Gordon of Tremco CPG UK, said: “We’ve invested heavily in our brands in the UK, and one of the key focuses has been the development of a comprehensive library of RIBA-approved CPD programmes.

“Training and development are cornerstones of our business, ensuring we can offer the very best from our brands.

“Our RIBA approved seminars enable architects and specifiers to understand more about general industry issues.”

Tremco CPG UK also supports architects and specifiers by ensuring the correct, certified product is selected for the right application, all backed by exceptional technical support and guidance throughout the process.

Trained and approved installers can also be put forward to complete projects right first time, while improving supply chain productivity and reducing waste caused by repairs.

Tremco CPG UK’s work also extends to the provision of warranties and a certificated, one stop solution for all construction products.

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