One building. Six sides. Zero emissions

Laura Smith / 06 October 2022

Efficiency has been an important watchword in the construction industry for a long time, but now – for a number of reasons – it has become an especially critical factor in how the sector operates.

The path to net zero construction is a key driver, with efficiency being an important way to minimise emissions through reduced waste, transportation, materials, man-hours and energy usage. Developers, designers and building owners are also all too aware of the fact that an efficient project is more likely to come in on time and on budget.

Getting manufacturers involved at an early stage can help increase efficiency levels and avoid ‘performance gaps’ where the delivery doesn’t live up to the design. This is because it gives suppliers a chance to provide specialist knowledge at a critical part of the process, ensuring that the materials specified are right for the task at hand. This will not only avoid wasteful and delaying component clashes but it can also provide a forum to discuss innovations and ideas that will take the project to the next level.

For any large-scale commercial or residential development, every building component needs to be carefully considered to ensure that it is suitable. This can include assessing a system as well as its supplier and applicator against functional, operational, budgetary, logistic, scheduling and sustainability criteria. Getting this right can be a difficult and slow process, especially given the complexities of large-scale commercial and industrial developments as well as the increasingly technical characteristics of today’s building materials.

At Tremco CPG Europe, we’ve brought together a number of leading building material brands in order to create a comprehensive collection of systems, services and support that provides contractors, architects and building owners with the highly efficient systems they’ll need for any new-build or refurbishment project.

Having this wealth of product knowledge and expert insights on hand during the design and specification stages can really supercharge the project and provide peace of mind that not only will the chosen systems meet crucial performance criteria, but that the installation and long-term use of the products will go smoothly.

A single point of contact

The extensive variety of construction needs covered under the Tremco CPG Europe umbrella includes multiple high-quality products ranging from sealing, bonding and insulation to flooring, fire protection, waterproofing and roofing solutions. Specifiers therefore require only one point of contact during the design stage to get a thorough understanding of many areas of the future building. 

In practice, when it comes to creating efficient facilities experts at Tremco CPG Europe can discuss systems for every one of a building’s six sides. This could include how to ensure the window fittings have world-leading thermal efficiency properties, how underfloor systems can provide heating that’s up to 30% more efficient than conventional methods or how insulated concrete forms can provide Passivhaus levels of insulation and airtightness.

This product versatility is combined with industry-leading research and development capabilities, which means building materials can be tested in advance and special requirements, such as unique colours, can be accounted for.

Working with experienced teams that understand the demands of large-scale commercial and industrial projects simplifies communications. Contractors, architects and building operators can easily connect with our technical, sales and customer services teams so that they have the support and information they need to solve any design or installation concerns.

Tremco CPG Europe’s experts will then be onsite to train installers and help solve any curveballs that could risk derailing the project and lead to wasted time, effort and materials. Having skilled advisors on hand to troubleshoot unforeseen complexities, whether it’s bad weather, digging up hidden problems in the foundations or any number of surprises that construction professionals deal with on a daily basis, will help provide added peace of mind for the development’s stakeholders.

The wide-ranging and expertly curated nature of our multiple high-end and specialist product brands combined with our team’s experience working on some of Europe’s largest and most prestigious construction projects makes us ideally suited to providing the right solution, regardless of a building’s scale, complexity, location or sustainability demands.