FZ100 Fire Safe Zone Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Patrícia Gabriel / 13 May 2024

At Tremco CPG UK, We're absolutely delighted to announce that FZ100 Fire Safe Zone, from Nullifire, has been awarded the prestigious Innovation of the Year award by Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) for its revolutionary fire protection technology.

The Innovation of the Year award recognises our team’s exceptional contribution to the construction industry through our innovative approach to fire protection in offsite construction projects. FZ100 Fire Safe Zone has set a new standard for passive fire protection, addressing the unique challenges posed by modular construction with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

"We are honoured to receive the Innovation of the Year award from Modern Methods of Construction," said Paul Wright, National Sales Manager – Modular Manufacturing at Tremco CPG UK. "This recognition is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of our team, as well as the transformative impact of FZ100 Fire Safe Zone in enhancing safety and efficiency in construction projects."

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone leverages patented GXT technology to provide best-in-class fire stopping capabilities for both existing and future service penetrations in modular builds. Its lightweight design, quick installation process, and adaptability to various service penetrations make it an indispensable asset for offsite construction projects.

"We believe that FZ100 Fire Safe Zone represents the future of fire protection in modular construction," added Paul. "By offering a comprehensive solution that meets the stringent requirements of building regulations while streamlining the construction process, FZ100 is helping to shape a safer and more efficient construction industry."

Tremco CPG UK extend their gratitude to Modern Methods of Construction for this prestigious recognition, as well as to its customers and partners for their ongoing support.

For more information about FZ100 Fire Safe Zone and Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions' innovative solutions, please visit https://www.tremcocpg.eu/en-gb/construction-products-solutions/markets-we-serve/offsite-construction/!