Case Study - Twin Module Security Office by Portakabin

Ryan Gerrard / 05 February 2024

The Project

Leading Offsite Manufacturer, Portakabin, recently became the first ever company to install Nullifire’s latest fire stopping innovation, FZ100 Safe Zone.

They required a robust fire stopping solution to ensure the safe occupation of staff members at a two module security office. Due to a longstanding relationship with Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, they naturally approached the team to enquire about an appropriate solution for the installation.

The Solution

Having spent the last few years developing their latest innovation in passive fire stopping, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions has been in constant contact with Portakabin, who has supported this development extensively. As the Nullifire FZ100 Safe Zone has now been fully launched, it was identified as the perfect solution for this project.

During initial discussions around the project, the detailed FZ100 Technical handbook was utilised to confirm that all services and wall constructions would be test compliant.

Nullifire FZ100 has been designed to meet the unique requirements of offsite construction. FZ100 is a fire barrier slab comprised of an innovative Graphite eXpansion Technology (GXT), making it possible to anticipate fire sealing and to integrate it directly when assembling the partition. This revolutionary solution has been engineered to provide best-in-class fire stopping capabilities to existing and future service penetrations.

  • Quick & easy to install
  • Suits all types of service penetrations
  • Incredible time saving vs traditional products and application methods
  • Added value for ensuring fire compartmentation is achieved and building is compliant (EI 60 to EI120)

The Installation

FZ100 offers Offsite Manufacturers the option to install FZ100 at the factory stage with M&E able to pass services immediately, or for the modules to be transported to site and services be passed as required once on site.

During the initial installation stage at Portakabin’s York Factory, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions’ National Sales Manager, Paul Wright, and Nullifre Technical Manager, Hannah Eyres, were on-hand to ensure all involved were happy with the process and to assist with any initial questions.

Close collaboration with the Portakabin staff and key M&E contractors identified initial process concerns, however, these were easily overcome with fantastic solutions found from the team. These were immediately added to future test scenarios and have proven successful, further improving application processes.

A further site visit was carried out at the site in Reading to ensure site staff also understood this game-changing technology and, once again, this received positive feedback.

The Result

Stuart Norris, Technical Product Manager said “It’s been great to work with Nullifire on the development of the FZ100 product solution and see how it can provide a simple fire stopping solution, that also has the added benefit of being able to accommodate further penetrations in fire compartments, throughout the life of a building.”

Also speaking of the project’s success, Paul said: “The addition of FZ100 has offered the required fire stopping performance for the modules, in addition to the process enhancement that the technology provides.

“Through a perfect combination of the Nullifire fire stopping technology and technical know-how from our internal team, we have subsequently achieved a robust passive fire protection installation that will protect the modules over the course of its lifetime.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Portakabin on their latest offsite construction project. Here at Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, we greatly value the relationships with our customers, having spent many years building strong connections with modular construction professionals across the UK. Our reputation is largely attributed to our technical team, who share between them many years of industry experience and knowledge, offering unrivalled levels of support in finding the right solution to meet your performance requirements and suit the installation environment.

“We are constantly trialling and testing our range of solutions for the offsite construction sector, with a view to enhancing our product technology and ensuring we are offering the marketplace the very best in modular manufacturing innovation. Many of our technologies come with the added assurance of third-party accreditation, including FZ100, meaning the quality and performance of our solutions speak for themselves.

“Available to Tremco CPG customers are a variety of services, including on-site support and surveys to ensure both the correct and compliant installation of our solutions. Additionally, our Training Academy provides a range of online and in-person training sessions to help you overcome the complexities of the construction industry. From RIBA-Approved CPD seminars for architects and specifiers, to technical training for contractors and installers, including our brand new training seminar on FZ100, our team of experts are on-hand to support you.”

To find out more about FZ100 Fire Safe Zone or our wider offsite construction offering, head over to our website today.