Recycling of Packaging

Commencing 1st January 2023, a new packaging law is in force in Italy.

The obligation comes under Decree No. 116, dated 3rd September 2020, requiring mandatory labelling to be placed on packaging materials of all primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging that can be separated.

The aim is to facilitate collection, reuse, recovery, and recycling, reducing the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment whilst ensuring a certain level of environmental protection.

The material used for the packaging must be indicated by an alphanumeric code according to the Annexes in 97/129/EC, for example:

Packaging table

Packaging TypeRecycling codeMaterial
Aluminium ClipALU 41Aluminium
Aluminium CanALU 90Aluminium
Metal Lid
Metal Bucket
Metal Drum
Metal Can
Metal Canister
FE 40Steel
HDPE 02High Density polyethylene
Poly Bag
Bag Liner
LDPE 04Low Density polyethylene
PAP 20Corrugated cardboard/box
Centre Core (in Tapes)PAP 21Non-corrugated cardboard/box
Drum LinersPET 01Polyethylene terephthalate
Rectangular Pail
Plastic Bucket
Plastic Lid
PP 05Polypropylene
Plastic/Aluminium Laminated FilmPP 90Plastic/Aluminium

For more information, visit The National Packaging Consortium in Italy (CONAI) -

In case a packaging type is not listed, or there are further queries, please contact us.