Safety, Performance, and Compliance – You’re in Safe Hands With Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions

Ryan Gerrard / 22 August 2023

Whilst design guidance that support current Building Regulations are very much applicable to offsite construction, according to a recent technical bulletin from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, aspects of fire safety such as compartmentation and structural fire protection present compliance challenges that are not addressed by current design guidance solutions. When these challenges occur, they often create confusion for project managers, contractors, and installers, over how to correctly ensure adequate passive fire protection for their modules.

If you find yourself facing this issue, then look no further. Through a perfect combination of technical know-how, solutions support, and industry knowledge, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions can help you guarantee safe passive fire protection for your modular construction projects that also meets the necessary performance and compliance requirements. In this blog, we discuss how we approach these concerns around fire protection within the offsite construction sector.


Maintaining a safe environment from conception right through to fruition and thereafter is crucial to any construction project. Offsite construction is by no means an exception to this, with the unique requirements of this industry sometimes calling for a more in-depth approach to safety. The team at Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions understand this and, therefore, strive to prioritise the safety and well-being of everyone who comes into contact with modular buildings throughout the lifetime of the structure.

During the planning stage of the project, we take the time to learn your requirements and evaluate how these will impact on the structure’s safety. Our team of experts understand that each construction project presents differing safety challenges and must be approached on an individual basis. Sharing between them an abundance of knowledge around building and fire safety, the team is in pole position to advise on the correct practices specific to your installation, with a view to enhancing the building’s safety.


We understand that achieving building performance levels go hand-in-hand with safety. For example, implementing fire performance measures to achieve compartmentation will help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within the structure or adjoining buildings, thus enhancing safety for the structure and its occupants. Through Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions’ sister brand Nullifire, we have access to market-leading passive fire protection solutions that help architects, contractors, and installers to exceed building performance levels.

For over 50 years, Nullifire has paved the way for fire protection innovation, being the only manufacturer to offer both intumescent coatings and fire stopping products. Nullifire’s continuous investment in research and development allows them to remain at the forefront of passive fire protection innovation, offering a wide range of solutions to suit your project’s performance requirements.


Ensuring compliance in the world of modular construction is at the heart of what we do at Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions. Our passive fire protection solutions are rigorously trialled and tested to comply with the latest building regulations and achieve the requisite fire resistance for your module. Take Nullifire’s FZ100 Fire Safe Zone for instance, which is a cutting-edge fire protection solution that has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of offsite construction. Tested in compliance with EI 60 to EI120, this fire barrier slab is based on a unique patented technology GXT, making it possible to anticipate fire sealing and integrate it directly when assembling the partition. FZ100 suits all types of service penetrations, is quick and easy to install, and provides added value by ensuring fire compartmentation is achieved.

We are proud to offer dedicated onsite support and surveys at Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, which enables us to ensure our products are not only installed correctly but also comply with the latest regulations and guidance. Our team of trained professionals are on-hand to assist wherever required, whether it’s a difficult installation or particularly complex module.

Also available to our customers is the Tremco CPG UK Training Academy, which makes your journey through the complex world of construction easier. From Coffee Chats for bite-sized overviews and updates related to our products, application, legislation, or guidance, to a series of RIBA Approved CPD seminars that are designed for architects and specifiers. We also offer Technical Training for contractors and installers to help them master their knowledge and skills.

To find out more about how Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions can help you with your next construction project, please get in touch today.