Passive Fire Protection and Adaptability Within the Offsite Construction Sector – How Tremco CPG can Help.

Ryan Gerrard / 04 October 2023

Passive fire protection plays a crucial role in the safe construction and maintenance of all building types. However, when it comes to offsite construction, it is a well-known fact there are numerous fire safety challenges to be considered at the outset in order to achieve a safe, compliant installation that will protect the module and its inhabitants throughout the lifetime of the structure.

So, how do construction professionals overcome this? Below we discuss how Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions approach passive fire protection within the offsite construction sector and how we adapt our products to suit your installation.

Defining Your Passive Fire Protection Needs

Selecting the right passive fire protection solutions for the complexities of offsite construction projects can be bewildering, as there are a number of factors to consider. For example, what are your project’s requirements? How will these be affected by construction legislation and how will this impact on your installation process? Collaborating with your fire protection provider early in the project can help you to not only answer these important questions but find the right solution for your installation that also complies with building regulations.

Here at Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, we are well versed in regulations around fire safety and can help you to find a solution that not only complies with current legislation, but also suits your installation. We sit down with our customers at the design stage of their project and listen to their needs in order to define the fire strategy for their construction. Once we understand their objectives, construction processes, and preferences, we offer guidance on the most appropriate solution for their installation. Backed by our team of technical experts, who between them share many decades of combined experience in specifying compliant fire protection, we are well placed to advise on installation best practices.

Adapting Passive Fire Protection to Offsite Construction

In addition to understanding your fire protection needs, we strive to adapt our passive fire protection solutions to the unique requirements of offsite construction environments, as these differ to traditional construction scenarios. As part of the Tremco CPG family of brands, our customers have access to market-leading passive fire protection solutions from Nullifire that can be tailored to meet bespoke performance requirements. Having been an industry figurehead for over 50 years, Nullifire’s dedication to protecting buildings and people from fire shines through with the very latest in fire protection technology. 

Nullifire’s high-performance FZ100 Fire Safe Zone has been developed to specifically meet the unique requirements of offsite construction. Engineered to provide best-in-class fire stopping capabilities to existing and future service penetrations, this ground-breaking technology provides added value for modular construction projects, ensuring fire compartmentation is achieved and that structures are compliant with building regulations. FZ100 is the perfect example of passive fire protection adaptability within the offsite construction sector, having come to fruition because of the “need for a fire barrier slab that makes it possible to both anticipate fire sealing and integrate directly when assembling partitions.” This is based on feedback from the industry that there is a need for a multi compliant, process enhancing solution that also offers the ability move the fire stopping process in house.

  • Quick & easy to install
  • Suits all types of service penetrations
  • Incredible time saving vs traditional products and application methods
  • Added value for ensuring fire compartmentation is achieved and building is compliant (EI 60 to EI120)

Providing More Than Just Products

At Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions, we offer more than just products. Our service-led approach to construction means we take the time to explore the best possible solutions available for our customers, keeping them regularly updated with up-and-coming market innovations. Available to Tremco CPG customers are a wide range of services to help them navigate their way through the sometimes-challenging world of construction, including on-site support and surveys to ensure correct and compliant installation of our solutions. Additionally, our Training Academy provides a range of online and in-person training sessions aimed at educating the marketplace on complexities of passive fire protection. From RIBA-Approved CPD seminars for architects and specifiers, to technical training for contractors and installers, including our brand new training seminar on FZ100, our team of experts are on-hand to support you.

If you require any assistance on choosing the right fire protection solution for your offsite construction project, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.